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Reasons You May Need to Upgrade Your Gas Meter

There are multiple reasons why homeowners may consider upgrading their gas meter, such as property enhancements that necessitate it:

  1. Increased gas demand - If you install new gas appliances like pool heaters or extensive water heating systems, they may surpass the capacity of your current meter, resulting in an insufficient gas supply.
  2. Age and wear - Gas meters may lose accuracy as they age, which can lead to billing errors. Upgrading ensures greater precision.
  3. New standards and regulations - Older metres may not comply with current rules for safety, metering accuracy, and technology. An upgrade ensures compliance.
  4. Smart meter features - Up-to-date meters are capable of remotely collecting data, providing detailed gas usage insights and alerting you to possible leaks.
  5. Improved efficiency - Advanced meter technology promotes optimal supply-demand balance, reducing wastage.

Upgrading an old gas meter enhances reliability, ensures accuracy, complies with safety standards, and offers the advantages of smart meter technology. Check with your distributor if you have increased gas usage or feel your meter might need upgrade.

Understanding the Gas Meter Upgrade Process

Once you’ve decided on a gas meter upgrade, the following are the essential steps in the process:

  1. Request an upgrade - Contact your gas distributor to request a metre upgrade. You’ll need to provide details including your name, your address, and your gas account registration number. The distributor will send you an initial assessment schedule.
  2. Site assessment - A technician will visit to inspect your gas infrastructure, determine if upgrades are needed to support a new metre, and provide a quote. Any necessary modifications identified will need to be completed first.
  3. Paperwork and approvals - You’ll receive paperwork outlining the upgrade process, costs (typically no charge), and timeframe. Complete the necessary forms and provide your meter registration details. Approvals and shutoff notifications are coordinated.
  4. Installation - A licenced gas fitter will undertake the meter change on the scheduled date, which includes turning off your gas supply, swapping out the old meter for the new one, relighting appliances, and confirming operational functionality before departure.
  5. New metre activated - Following installation, your distributor remotely activates your new smart meter’s advanced functions, allowing gas supply and billing to proceed as usual.

In Australia, only licenced professionals in compliance with Australian Standards are permitted to handle meter installations, as DIY replacements pose safety risks and technical challenges.

Preparing for the Gas Meter Upgrade

For a seamless gas meter upgrade, homeowners are advised to undertake these preparatory steps:

  1. Provide access - Ensure safe, unblocked access to the gas meter box and any connected pipes/appliances on the scheduled installation date. This may require clearing debris or trimming vegetation.
  2. Schedule assessments - If your distributor recommends a site assessment beforehand, you’ll need home when ensuring access to all related gas connections is granted.
  3. Follow instructions - Carefully comply with all directions given by your distributor or installer to facilitate safe access and avoid service disruptions.
  4. Consider upgrades - If infrastructure like pipes or appliances need upgrading to support the new metre, schedule these works before the installation date.
  5. Prepare contingency plans - Make alternative heating/cooking preparations for potential temporary gas shutoffs required on the day as supply will be reconnected.

As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure easy and safe access to the meter and associated equipment. Preparing adequately avoids delays for a smooth gas metre upgrade installation.

Scheduling the Gas Meter Installation

To arrange your gas meter upgrade, get in touch with your gas distributor, who will set an installation date. Meter upgrades typically take between 15 to 30 business days, a timeline that can be affected by factors like:

  • Location and accessibility of your metre
  • Necessity of pre-upgrade repairs or changes
  • Availability of parts and technician schedules

As a Sydney-based plumbing company, Blacktown Plumbing has extensive experience managing gas meters installations across the greater metro area. We can offer insights on what to expect for the scheduling and upgrade process, tailored to your property and neighbourhood.

What to Expect During the Gas Meter Upgrade

On the day your gas metre is upgraded, here is what you can expect:

  1. The technician will arrive and introduce themselves, showing their identification.
  2. They will discuss the plan for the upgrade, including temporarily shutting off your gas supply.
  3. Before shutting off the gas, they may ask you to turn off any gas appliances. This avoids problems when supply is restored.
  4. They will then switch off the gas at the metre, before removing the old metre and installing the new smart metre.
  5. Once finished, they will slowly turn the gas back on, check for leaks, and relight your appliances using leak detection spray.
  6. After re-establishing supply, the technician will help relight any gas appliances as required.
  7. Finally, they will explain the new metre, including advanced monitoring capabilities, before departing.

The technician will guide you through any temporary service disruptions, managing your electricity and gas concerns professionally. The installation typically takes 1-2 hours depending on complexity. Let them know if you use life support equipment requiring uninterrupted gas supply.

Handling Service Disruptions

There will be a short interruption to your gas supply during the installation while the old meter is replaced with the new one. This outage typically lasts 1-2 hours.

To minimise inconvenience during service disruptions, consider the following:

  • Arrange alternatives like electric hot plates or barbecues for cooking.
  • If your heating is gas-based, have extra blankets on hand for warmth.
  • Check if any hardwired safety alarms may be impacted, and make alternate plans if needed.

The technician will provide clear instructions on how to safely relight appliances yourself if necessary, after their departure.

Rest assured that restoring your gas service and checking the functionality of appliances is a priority to minimize any inconvenience.

Special Considerations for Life Support Customers

Customers dependent on a continuous gas supply for critical medical equipment require special arrangements for upgrades to avoid service disruptions.

If you use life support equipment, call your gas provider well in advance to discuss your situation. They will likely schedule your upgrade with priority status. Have a support person present and make backup arrangements if possible, including:

  • Portable oxygen cylinders
  • Battery backups for equipment
  • Contingency accommodation if required

Technicians will strive to minimise supply interruptions. Inform them if you experience any issues with equipment after the upgrade, and they’ll help resolve problems immediately.

With the proper safeguards in place, a gas metre upgrade typically proceeds smoothly even for those with critical medical needs. Discuss your particular circumstances with your provider early on when booking the upgrade.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Gas Meter

Upgrading to a smart gas meter yields numerous advantages:

  • Real-time usage tracking - Smart metres record gas consumption hourly or more frequently, allowing you to closely monitor usage through a web portal or app. This visibility helps better understand your usage patterns.
  • More accurate billing - Instead of relying on sporadic manual readings, smart meters deliver accurate data for precise gas bill calculation based on real consumption.
  • Leak and outage alerts - Smart metres can detect abnormal usage patterns that may indicate leaks. Some also send alerts about unexpected service disruptions.
  • Enhanced efficiency - The highly detailed usage data supports identifying waste and making changes to save gas through steps like upgraded insulation or heating adjustments.

Smart gas meters surpass older analogue designs with enhanced consumption tracking, precise billing, safety alerts, and efficiency improvement opportunities. Contact your distributor for further information on smart meter features.

What Happens to Your Old Gas Meter?

Your distributor will dispose of the old analogue meter at no extra charge after installing the new smart meter; however, homeowners cannot keep the old device.

Distributors adhere to environmentally responsible practices to manage the disposal of old meter materials, including:

  • Recycling metal components at specialised facilities
  • Ensuring hazardous elements are safely processed per regulation
  • Appropriate disposal of remaining non-recyclable materials

Homeowners can trust that gas distributors manage the removal of old meters ethically, upholding environmental standards as they transition to newer technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to upgrade my gas metre?

Typically, homeowners do not directly incur costs for a standard gas meter upgrade. The gas distribution company covers the expenses of installation. However, some associated infrastructure upgrades like gas line repairs may necessitate extra costs.

How long does a typical gas metre upgrade take?

The actual installation typically spans 1-2 hours and may result in brief interruptions to your gas service. Total time from your new meter upgrade request to final installation ranges from 15 to 30 business days on average.

Do I need to be home during the upgrade?

Your presence isn’t mandatory during the installation, but it is your responsibility to ensure the technician has clear access to your meter. You don’t need to be home, but any access issues to the meter or gas connections can cause delays. Provide entry instructions if you don’t need to be home when the meter installation technician arrives.

Can Blacktown Plumbing manage the upgrade?

Our licensed gas fitting professionals are available to guide you through the entire upgrade process. Contact us to discuss your new gas meter requirements, and benefit from our local expertise in scheduling and coordinating your installation from start to finish.

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