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pre-purchase plumbing inspections ?
Are pre-purchase plumbing inspections useful?

A pre-purchase professional plumbing inspection helps buyers avoid expensive surprises by detecting issues like pipe damage, blockages, leaks, root intrusion and more before purchase. Highly recommended.

blocked drains leaks?
Can blocked drains cause leaks?

Blocked drains put pressure on pipes, causing cracks and leaks. Water then has nowhere to go, flooding your home. Call us to unblock drains before leaks and damage occur.

’ Involved Gas Meter Upgrade?
What’s Involved in a Gas Meter Upgrade?

Upgrading a gas meter involves disconnecting your gas supply, installing a new digital gas meter and reconnecting supply. The process takes 15-40 minutes. Contact Blacktown Plumbing to upgrade your gas meter today for compatibility and safety.

Set Gas Cooktop
How To Set Up A Gas Cooktop

Setting up a new gas cooktop requires following important gas line, electrical, venting and clearance requirements for safe installation. Our step-by-step guide outlines everything you need to properly set up your new cooktop.

Prevent Frozen Pipes Bursting
Prevent Frozen Pipes from Bursting

Insulating pipes and allowing taps to drip during freezing weather are key ways to prevent pipe damage. If pipes do freeze, use gentle heat like a hairdryer or space heater to thaw. Never use an open flame. Call a plumber immediately if pipes have already burst to prevent flooding.

Long Gas Line Installation ?
How Long Does Gas Line Installation Take?

Gas line installation can take anywhere from a few hours to 3 weeks depending on the work required. The service line installation is usually the longest step (up to 20 days) and must be completed before the meter installation. Contact our Blacktown plumbers for a fast, affordable gas line installation quote.

Gas Regulator Faulty
How To Tell If Your Gas Regulator Is Faulty

Faulty gas regulators can be extremely dangerous. Signs include weak flames, hissing sounds, gas odors, and poor appliance performance. If you suspect issues, have a licensed technician inspect the regulator right away as it may need to be repaired or replaced.

Turn Gas
How To Turn Off The Gas

Locate the gas meter outside your home, usually in a box near the ground. Carefully turn the valve on the pipe to a horizontal off position. Call a professional if unsure. Contact Blacktown Plumbing for gas repairs.

Inspect Gas Lines
How Often to Inspect Gas Lines

Home gas lines should be professionally inspected every year for safety and efficiency. Contact Blacktown Plumbing to schedule your annual inspection.

Choosing Hot Water Systems Multi-Story Buildings
Choosing Hot Water Systems for Multi-Story Buildings

Several key factors should be considered when selecting hot water systems for multi-story buildings, including piping, pressure, access, efficiency and safety. Our experts can advise on the ideal system for your needs.

Gas Line Pressure Testing?
What is Gas Line Pressure Testing?

Gas lines must be pressure tested before alterations. This involves filling the line with pressurized air to check for leaks. Call our experts to pressure test your gas line today for safety and compliance.

role insulation hot water systems
The role of insulation in hot water systems

Insulating hot water pipes, tanks, and heaters reduces standby heat loss so your hot water system runs more efficiently. Properly insulating components like storage tanks, pipes and valves keeps water hotter for longer so you spend less on energy and get hot water faster when you turn on the tap.

Pipe materials emergency resilience
Pipe materials and emergency resilience

We compare common pipe types - copper, PVC, polyethylene and more - assessing vulnerability to breaks, leaks and other failures when emergencies happen like fires, floods or freezes. Our research shows polyethylene and copper piping are more resilient than PVC, iron and galvanized steel.

file hot water system warranty claim
How to file a hot water system warranty claim

Unsure if your hot water system is still under warranty or how to proceed with a claim? Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through checking your warranty status and assist with filing a claim if eligible. Contact Blacktown Plumbing on 1300 000 000.

Choose Gas Supplier?
How Do I Choose A Gas Supplier?

Choosing the best gas supplier in Blacktown can help you save money on your energy bills. Compare rates and plans from trusted gas providers to find the right deal for your home or business needs.

Dos & Don'ts Blocked Drains
Dos & Don'ts for Blocked Drains

When facing a blocked drain emergency, it’s important to know the right steps to take. Getting help from a professional plumber quickly is critical, but there are dos and don'ts you should follow in the meantime. Pouring certain chemicals down the drain can make the situation worse.

Relined Pipes Safe Drinking Water?
Are Relined Pipes Safe For Drinking Water?

Studies show that pipe relining using epoxy barrier coatings is generally considered a safe method for rehabilitating drinking water pipes when using approved, non-toxic materials that meet health standards. However, proper safety precautions should still be taken during the relining process.

DIY Blocked Drain Repairs Legal Australia?
Are DIY Blocked Drain Repairs Legal in Australia?

Attempting DIY blocked drain repairs in Australia often violates plumbing regulations. Only licensed plumbers can legally clear household drain blockages. Call a professional to avoid insurance issues.

Sewer Line Blockages?
What Causes Sewer Line Blockages?

Sewer line blockages are often caused by tree roots growing into pipes, buildup of fats/grease or foreign objects flushed down the drain. Call Blacktown Plumbing now on 1300 XXX XXX for fast drain unblocking services.

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